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The Boon Project is a nonprofit organization focused on poverty alleviation. We bring unreached and underserved farmers advanced farming education, access to quality resources (i.e., certified seedlings, pest & disease management) and diversifying agricultural assets by adding new crop varieties that have higher returns. 


We are partnering globally with agricultural by-product developers who teach our farmers new trades, continuing to accelerate the cultivation of sustainable businesses and communities. Our goal is to teach our farmers how to grow assets necessary for survival and turn harvests into agricultural by-products sold regionally and globally. 


We foster a culture that creates a ripple effect that shows our communities how to thrive and pay it forward, making profound social and economic development impacts. Learn, Grow, and Go!--plant the seed of hope for someone else.


The most rewarding return on investment is the impact your donation makes. Every dollar we receive will make a massive transformation for our communities in a way you would never have imagined. You are making dreams come true faster by working together. 






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