Coffee with a purpose

Coffee houses and internet cafe's will open new doors for impoverished communities. Especially when they are the ones who develop it and own it.

One of the many goals for Uganda is to increase local consumption of coffee. Today, Ugandans don't drink their own coffee because they need to sell it to ensure they have household income. 

In order to ensure the success of self-sustainable communities is to create business and job opportunities for them to grow. The Boon Project will partner with roasters, professional barista's and coffee house owners to bring outside knowledge to these communities introducing and teaching them how to develop their own products for consumption and to sell locally creating a 'boon' in their local economy. 

Eastern Uganda will be put on the map as a top producer of their own product, including coffee by-products that can not only be sold locally, but also nationally and globally. 


With the increasing access of power to Uganda's rural areas and our own desire to implement solar to be 100% sustainable communities, we will help inspire the creation of solar powered roasteries, coffee houses and internet cafes bringing more of the outside world in to continue to build their knowledge, hopes, dreams and their local economies. Doing charity differently and making the need for poverty alleviation a think of the past for these communities.

Connect with us to learn how your roastery or coffee business can partner with us at origin to inspire, educate and develop their own products and brands developing their palates for coffee, increasing local consumption and delivery of a national and globally recognized brand. 

Sponsor and mentor an aspiring roaster, barista and/or cafe owner at origin.