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Boon Cooperatives

Team work makes the dream work!

In order to maximize our harvest potentials, we must come together through the formation of cooperatives with each of our agricultural offerings (coffee, cocoa, hemp, peppers, etc.) in our region.


These cooperatives will be owned by the communities The Boon Project works in so that it can be completely self-sustainable, however, we won't feed them to the wolves...or hyneas in this region, as The Boon Project will stand alongside to help them establish the cooperative, its requirements and adoption of core values to establish accountability, foster community togetherness and to achieve excellence. 


There are also no groups (marginal such as widows, HIV-AIDS, other minorities) excluded from the cooperatives and all will have the option to participate. 

The Boon Project will also work to help fight the challenges of fair-trade. We will be a voice for and help the farmers navigate the trade market ensuring they receive a fair value for their coffee. There is no more exploitation and our producers will only work with buyers who value the meaning of life and fairness in treatment of the producers. The supply chain will be balanced ensuring the best interest for all. 

There are many benefits with the formation of a cooperative, here are just a few:

  • Economies of scale lowering costs of acquiring inputs, storage and transport maximizing earning potential, therefore improving household income and quality of life

  • Increased production and improved harvest yields 

  • Accountability of farmers to ensure quality products are made based on specific requirements to be met defined by the cooperative

  • Consistency in production through standard requirements of quality and excellence

  • Business and marketing value addition building their brand image and human capital

  • Opportunity to establish a savings and credit union for the cooperative allowing for lending and start-up funds for new households or aspiring entrepreneurs

  • Integrity through a cooperative committee oversight with ongoing monitoring ensuring the success of the cooperative avoiding failure and/or corruption

How can you help support the development of a cooperative? There are several ways:

Donate: Designate your financial gift to support the start-up costs of a cooperative which includes administrative fees, licenses and committee oversight costs.

Plant Seeds: Help fund a households crop rehabilitation effort or help start a new crop.

Sponsor a Farmer: Financial gifts received through farmer sponsorship includes the fees necessary to opt-in to a cooperative 

Partner with Us! We are an open door always welcoming input, feedback, ideas and different ways of doing things. Join us at origin, or if you are part of a cooperative, we would love to trade ideas of best practices and lessons learned. Email us to share your experience or learn more about partnership opportunities. 

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