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...that we see as opportunities:

Understanding the Problems...

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The problem.

Agriculture is one of Uganda's greatest assets that is grossly under-supported in most rural communities where poverty is at its worst. This is due to a lack of access to quality resources, proper knowledge, and a limited understanding of business practices to be sustainable.


The Boon Project believes that with a focus on improving even the most basic farming practices, we can make a change. However, we want profound change at an accelerated pace that forever improves the quality of lives.  

Focusing on improving the production of their greatest asset with an emphasis on increasing local consumption through by-product development will provide more household income, entrepreneurial and business opportunities locally, more jobs, and further develop their economy. In turn, creating more access to food, funding health care, implementing clean water systems, evolving children's education, and even more, eliminating the statistic of Ugandans falling back into poverty. 

$2.50 USD Daily Household Income

Since the 1970's, about 70% of Ugandans have made less than $2.50 per day.

Yet, they produce and export earning $1.73 billion in revenue over the last three years. Clearly there is a discrepancy in fair trade.

The Boon Project will not only work on local consumption, but also advocate for fair trade. 

$0.00 USD Women's Income


Women work 15 hour days tending fields, home  and children without pay. Men work 6-8 hours which just includes taking the harvest to the markets to sell. Women never receive income from the sales of the harvest. 

Did you know women bring more value to the agriculture supply chain?

Averaging 1 Meal a Day

22% of Uganda households consume on average 1 meal per day. 


Lack of access to quality seeds, nor government support to educate on proper farming techniques has left many farming households unable to increase food production. When you add a pandemic  that number increases significantly.

Graduates Employed - 1 of 5

Uganda's economy is still developing, and job opportunities are not keeping pace with the number of graduates. The job market often cannot absorb the large number of individuals entering it each year.

In our communities, many graduates from rural areas face more significant challenges in finding employment, as job opportunities are concentrated in urban centers. We aim to change that!


Region: Bugiri, Eastern Uganda

Village Scope: 400 Villages

Households in Scope: 45,000

Agricultural Focus: Coffee, Hemp,
Cocoa, Mushrooms, Peppers, Citrus
Livestock (Chicken, Goat, Cow, Fish and Pig)

Business Development: Coffee Roasting, Barista, Coffee Houses, Mushroom Production, Industrial Hemp Production & By Product Development, Cocoa Production, Moringa Production, International Trade Development

Innovation Initiatives: Coffee By-Product (fertilizer, fuel, flour, nutritional supplements, etc.), Hemp Products (textiles, hygiene, nutrition, medicine, building materials, etc.) 

Get Involved Today!


"We believe that with the proper education, access to the right resources, like-minded partnerships, and helping the destitute to know their worth, "boon" economies can be created and poverty can be eliminated."


- Natosha Wallace, Founder of The Boon Project



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