Hemp for Hope

... a sustainable future for humankind

Although Hemp remains a widely misunderstood and stigmatized plant, we believe that Hemp can heal impoverished and forgotten farming communities worldwide. The legalization of hemp in Uganda has created a unique opportunity for The Boon Project to accelerate our communities' journey to health and self-sustainability. 


Hemp production not only allows our farmers to create natural products and income, but it provides our communities with:


  • A nutrient-dense superfood that is rich in both proteins and omega fatty acids

  • Access to natural medicine with extensive proven benefits

  • Fibers for textiles

  • Building materials for schools, clinics, and Hempcrete homes for families.

  • Animal feed

  • Industrial products for community infrastructure development

  • Hygiene products

  • Affordable Clean Energy/Fuel

With help from our business partners worldwide, we educate our producers and aspiring entrepreneurs of the many uses this incredible plant provides.


Incorporating Hemp in our communities' agricultural offerings allows us to diversify and accelerate the Boon effect igniting the local economy. Hemp production doesn't just improve household income. It creates entrepreneurs and local businesses. We cultivate partnerships that provide our farmers with the tools they need to develop products to be sold both regionally and internationally.


Our challenge to you is to help us change the way Hemp is thought of today and prove that it has the power to change lives and heal communities globally. Donate today to our Hemp for Hope program and help provide the necessary seed varieties, education, equipment, processing and by-product trade skill development. 


The Boon Project's stateside office is in the heart of the Hemp revolution in the United States.


Our strategic partnerships include geneticists, farmers, processing facility engineers, by-product developments, policymakers and much more enabling us to give our farmers every advantage possible!