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Government extension services in Uganda are wholly overwhelmed, providing education and resources to rural farmers. The government is handing out seeds to support the nation's goals to increase coffee production; however, our communities and many farmers either do not receive seeds or they are completely unusable.

With your support, we will create a Certified Seedling Nursery that guarantees our farmers and collectives high-grade organic seeds that produce top quality harvests that globally meet trade standards. 


Every donation received will be used to acquire land that will become a regionally owned seedling nursery. This nursery will offer various plant seedlings that further increase the yield and growth of coffee, cocoa, hemp, mushrooms, citrus, and more. This land will also include an additional 10 acres scaled to fit the region's agricultural Center of Excellence and a co-operative/trade market. The goal is that this nursery will be self-sustaining through the sale of seeds to the region's households and extended areas providing quality genetics to over 40,000 homes.

Together with your help we will be able to:

  1. Acquire land to produce seeds and clones starting the nursery

  2. Establish nursery infrastructure and buildings (Land preparation, soil preparation, irrigation, shade roofs, etc.)

  3. Obtain proper qualifications and certifications

  4. Hire qualified agronomist and team to manage the nursery

  5. Build a logistics and transportation team to support the distribution of seeds throughout communities

  6. Supply initial batch of seeds and materials (containers, pest and disease management resources, tools, work trucks, etc.)

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