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Church Plant #1 - Lord's Army Church (LAC)
Bugiri, Bugiri, Eastern Uganda

Empowering Faith, Nurturing Communities: The Lord's Army Church

At The Lord's Army Church (LAC), we have witnessed a remarkable journey of growth and impact within just one year of its inception. Starting with a humble gathering of 12 members, our church has flourished to now embrace a vibrant community of over 200 dedicated individuals. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to making God tangible and addressing the pressing challenges of poverty in our rural and under-resourced farming communities.

Planting Seeds of Faith and Harvesting Hope:

Our core mission is to plant seeds of faith and foster a genuine connection with Jesus Christ, offering a beacon of hope to those in need. As we continue to share the message of love and compassion, we believe in nurturing not only spiritual growth but also tangible improvements in the lives of our community members.

Enriching Livelihoods through Agriculture Production:

At LAC, we recognize that agriculture is the lifeline of our communities. By empowering our members with agricultural knowledge and resources, we aim to enhance their main asset and income-earning opportunities. Through sustainable agriculture production, we seek to uplift the livelihoods of farming families, promoting self-sufficiency and economic prosperity.

A Mission Center for Empowerment:

Beyond being a place of worship, The Lord's Army Church serves as a mission center, actively engaging in activities that empower our community. We have proudly trained over 3000 farmers across 32 villages in the Bugiri region, providing them with essential knowledge and skills to improve agricultural practices and boost yields.

Spreading the Light of Empowerment:

As our church's impact grows, so does the demand for additional churches to be planted in underserved areas. We are witnessing a growing interest in our model, where each church becomes a catalyst for positive change by generating revenue through agriculture businesses. These funds are then reinvested into supporting community needs, such as improving infrastructure for enhanced agriculture production and the betterment of farming families.

Building Sustainable Communities:

Through this innovative approach, we envision a web of interconnected churches, fostering collaboration and mutual support for the greater good. By empowering churches to become self-sustaining, we are creating a chain reaction of progress that ripples throughout the region, nurturing prosperity and hope.

Help Us Make Our Vision a Reality:

We need your generous support to achieve our dreams and better serve our community. Our goal is to raise $125,000 USD to buy land and build a church building with ample space for worship, offices, Sunday school rooms, and a children's Christian school. Additionally, the funds will aid in establishing a bakery and coffee roastery that will uplift our church and empower our community.

Join Our Journey of Faith and Compassion:

Your contribution, no matter the size, will make a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve. Together, we can nurture a community of faith, compassion, and self-sustainability.

Help us build a stronger foundation for our community today!



Thank you for joining us in this incredible journey of hope and transformation!

Nurturing Growth, Cultivating Hope

Your support is vital to help the Lord's Army Church (LAC) flourish and continue making a difference in the Bugiri community. As we strive to expand our spiritual and community outreach, we require resources for various aspects of our ministry. Your contribution can make a lasting impact on LAC's growth and outreach efforts. Please click on one of the images below to help us obtain the resources we need. You will be redirected to our secure fundraising platform, where you can donate!

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