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Future Farmers of Uganda


Teach the youth to fish...

So the future of Uganda's agriculture, a major source of food and income for them is at risk due to the youth not being interested in farming for their future. Do you blame them after generations and generations of seeing their parents work for years in the fields and never get out of poverty, or that was your job since you could walk? 


FACT: 400,000 children enter the job market each year, but only 70,000 actually get a job. 


Motivating the youth to stay in agriculture is going to require more than farming maize for posho and with a side of beans. Imagine that being the only meal you eat most of your life. Yes, that is also a fact. 

Help us create a Future Farmers of Uganda Program that engages the youth through implementing agricultural education courses in school curriculum in our communities. There is a catch!


Investing in a school program includes the acquisition of land to be farmed by the school where learning and demonstration of their knowledge can be done. Each school will be able to then sell their harvest, to help pay for the school fees of the high school students, program resources and a teacher to help guide and love the children in the Future Farmers of Uganda Program.  A program that helps support the school fees for a child means that the burden is not ensued by the family and the children do not have to miss school due to needing to help their family earn an income.

High School Harvest Program

This program would allow students the opportunity to learn the process of coffee farming and other agricultural offerings, the production, obtain an income to pay for their school fees and take the knowledge and skills gained and create their own agricultural businesses upon graduation. 

There will be 8 projects total in the Bugiri Region, one for each community development project that The Boon Project founder has already been working in over the last four years. The farm will be run by the high school, allowing children the opportunity to learn about agricultural production and gain the knowledge of sustainable farming.


We will also focus on developing partnerships with universities and agricultural research organizations abroad that can bring more innovative farming practices and teach the children about farming for the future.


Through this, we hope to engage them and create excitement about being future leaders in agricultural production in their own country. Creating a better life for themselves and the generations to come. 

Your support will provide the following:

  1. 5 acres of land each for our eight (8) communities in Eastern Uganda we are already working in 

  2. Resources needed to clear the land and prepare it for the crop they will get to grow and learn from

  3. Infrastructure and classroom building: seedlings, farming tools, pest/disease management applications, irrigation 

  4. Educational materials and resources for gaining the insight and knowledge

  5. Annual Field Trips to NaCoRi and Uganda Coffee Development Authority to learn more about the career opportunities in agriculture for the first three years of the program

  6. Salary of educator and teachers aide for the first three years of the program at which point the program would be self-sustaining and then salaries are covered by the income received from the harvests

Are you a school, church or business wanting to support this amazing opportunity that will help change the lives of many children and the future of Uganda? 

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