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EQUIPPING farmers 

There are 1.7 million documented coffee farmers across 91 coffee growing districts in Uganda. The government has proposed a strategy to put only 55 extension workers to support all of these farmers with improved farming practices by 2020; however, these resources will never reach our communities.

COVID-19 added another stress level for our communities, forcing many out of food security back into scarcity. The government's survival resources never reached the farmers in SE Uganda  7 hours away from Uganda's capital city.

The Boon Project offers our communities GAP education (Good Agricultural Practices) while helping farmers implement higher quality standards and advanced farming methods that had since been unattainable. We provide the forgotten farmers of the world with access to quality resources, trained agronomists, certified seedlings, farming tools, crop and soil assessments, disease & pest specialists, processors, and by-product developers to serve our farmers from seed to harvest. We improve cultivation practices, scale and diversify crops, and increase yields.

We focus on implementing a framework that builds and engages our local and global partnerships, brings better education and resources, and includes risk mitigation components.


The Boon Project will implement a transition plan giving 100% ownership to these communities based on their ability to meet Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for operational excellence and sustainability, ensuring their success and sustainability for many years to come.​

The best way you can bring the "boon" to these communities is through a farmer sponsorship!

What is farmer sponsorship?

A $25.00 monthly gift over 3-years supports:

  1. A new or rehabilitated household crop from start through to its first mature harvest (approximately 3 years) and sale on the market

  2. Education materials, onsite health checks from regional agricultural educators and oversight team, fees to support cooperative opt-in, access to quality seedlings, farming tools and transportation to and from agricultural center of excellence where they would sell their coffee or access additional resources

  3. Maintenance resources to manage crops preventing disease and pests

  4. Local and regional oversight committee support and board relations

  5. A caring team of origin and stateside volunteers and operations support expenses

  6. A path to sustainability. Increasing not only household income but access to food, clean water, healthcare, education and much more! 

Learn about our other programs that will support poverty alleviation and sustainability.


Boon Seeds

The Boon Project aims to increase production of their current agricultural offerings in coffee, however,  diversifying their options by adding cocoa, hemp, moringa, peppers, mushrooms and more across 35,000 households. 

Agriculture Center of Excellence

Build a central processing station and resource center for farmers to gain additional education, quality resources and trade their agricultral assets locally and globally.

Form Cooperatives

Due to small share-holder farms, the average size of a household farm is .25 acres. Cooperatives will be formed specific to each agricultural offering to maximize production, quality and trade potential.

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