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Namiguwa Village

Step into the vibrant heart of Namiguwa Village, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Eastern Uganda, where our dedicated volunteer Boon team members joined hands with the Ministry of Agriculture, Edward Taligoola to empower small shareholder farmers, women and youth. Through rigorous training in Good Agriculture Practices (GAP), we're witnessing remarkable transformations in the lives of these hardworking individuals.

Overall, most coffee trees need to be stumped. BOON will work to develop a strategy for transitioning the community through stumping to avoid any reduction in household income. Alternative options will need to be vetted to ensure the farmers are sustainable through the re-growth period.


  • 23 farmers trained in Garden Maintenance

  • 12 Youth formed their program

  • 18 women started savings group and are excited about joining the mushroom cooperative

  • 32 farmers attended Pest/Disease and Harvest Training

  • Tools distributed

Women's Engagement

TBP initiated a start-up savings fund of 20,000 schillings and was the first beneficiary of the Namiguwa women's group weekly contribution. As we advance, each woman contributes 1000/- on a weekly basis combines it. All villages in our pilot scope will do the same, and the TBP team will follow up with the previous villages to implement it.

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