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Our First Church Plant!

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Planting Seeds of Hope, Transforming Lives

The Boon Project - Agriculture with a Purpose is excited to share about the launch of our very first church plant, The Lord's Army Church (LAC), a beacon of hope and compassion where faith and action come together to make a lasting impact.

In just one year, we've grown from 12 members to over 200 this past year, driven by our commitment to making God's love tangible and addressing poverty in rural farming communities. Through sustainable agriculture production, we empower farming families, uplift livelihoods, and nurture self-sufficiency.

As our church expands, so does our reach. We've trained over 3000 farmers across 32 villages, fostering collaboration and creating a chain reaction of progress. Help us raise $150,000 for a church building, offices, a Christian school, bakery, and coffee roastery.

Together, we'll cultivate hope, nurture communities, and empower lives. Join The Lord's Army Church in transforming lives today!

To learn more, click on this link: Church Planting

To tithe towards the growth of LAC, click here:

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