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100% of the proceeds of each bag of Uganda coffee purchased goes to support our project work in Eastern Uganda! 


About the coffee:


Uganda | Sipi Falls | Mt. Elgon

Tasting Notes: Melon | Apple | Carmel | Chocolate

Roast: Light - Medium

Body: Light

Acidity:  Low

Variety: SL28 | SL34 

Processing: Washed

MASL: 1850m


Mount Elgon is a massive peak that sits on the border of Eastern Uganda and Kenya. It is home to one of three regions of specialty grade arabica coffee in Uganda and produces some of the most prestigious organic coffees on the planet due to the increasing quality control practices at the wet mill where this coffee is processed.


Sipi Falls, named after the mountain’s most famous waterfall just down the road, is a centralized wet mill located in the Kapchorwa district that buys and processes cherry from 8,000 organic and diversified farms across the northern part of the mountain.


We partner with Boon Coffee Roasters, LLC, a for-profit coffee roastery subsidiary in which a percentage of each bag sold goes to support the under-resourced farmers in our current scope of work in Eastern Uganda.  However, with the Ugandan Coffee specifically, 100% goes to support the work in Uganda to support under-resourced and forgotten farmers from around the world. To learn more about Boon Coffee Roasters, LLC, please visit their website at:




Uganda Specialty Coffee

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$18.00every month until canceled
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