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The Boon Project.

Help us cultivate sustainable communities globally!

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Our holistic approach empowers our farmers, giving them everything they need to thrive. Together we can help communities build systems that will generate abundance for lifetimes.

Building schools, churches, hospitals, and other infrastructure is an undeniable necessity. However, our mission isn't to only build structures. We empower individuals and help them create thriving local economies ensuring full ownership for the communities we support. We develop cooperatives, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

The Boon Project will move in tandem with our incredible farmers' and the extraordinary work they have already done. Worldwide, we help farmers implement more sustainable practices leveraging their assets and our vast amount of resources. We want to focus on increasing agricultural production and also through by product development creating more businesses to create an economic boon that will move impoverished communities forward and transform lives. 


Help us take charity to the next level continuing to shed light on forgotten communities one harvest at a time!

Using agriculture and by-product development to transform neglected communities into 'boon' economies faster.

Text "Boon" to 202-858-1233

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Tax Disclaimer: 

The Boon Project operates through a fiscal sponsorship with Legacies and Miracles, Inc. (FEIN #: 27-1068162 ), a public charity with federal tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS. Contributions to The Boon Project are tax-deductible.

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